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With over a decade of experience in the digital mapping and navigation industry, the BEYONAV team helped pioneer location-based technologies from the beginning. Essentially, our customers are companies that use digital maps. That includes GIS platform vendors, automotive OEMs and T1s as well as digital map providers. BEYONAV’s mission is deliver innovative and efficient solutions based on your business objectives and existing technology. We effectively collaborate with your team to drive performance and innovation while ensuring that the final solution is flexible, scalable and efficient.

BEYONAV has led the design and development of several revolutionary and evolutionary navigation products. Today, we are not only focused on helping to launch new products – we can help your organization unhook itself from legacy issues by effectively separating core technology elements from inefficient designs carried forward from previous generations. By separating the two, BEYONAV can build high-performance, flexible software that still delivers within constraint requirements.

We are revolutionizing the industry by thinking differently. We can help our customers take their ideas to new levels or re-architect your current solutions to unlock the full power and potential.

Jens Nitzschke

Jens NitzschkeJens Nitzschke is the founder and President of BEYONAV, a technology services company delivering innovative location-based solutions that go beyond traditional applications of navigation technology. Combining a strong technical background with management abilities, Jens has been able to foster lasting partnerships in the field and turn innovative ideas into proven solutions.

As a visionary in the digital mapping field, Jens has consistently embraced an innovative approach to delivering new location-based technologies across enterprise, automotive and wireless industries. His roots are steeped in developing leading-edge automotive applications for Daimler AG, NAVTEQ and Delphi/Saab. While with NAVTEQ, he bolstered his global scope with a long-term assignment in Japan. In this position, he led development efforts for recognized consumer brands, such as JVC, ultimately delivering a new navigation solution to market that garnered both media recognition and strengthened a key customer partnership. He continued to drive innovation during his seven-year tenure at NAVTEQ where he directed global development teams to bring ADAS and off-board navigation solutions to fruition. Subsequently, at NAVIGON, Jens applied his knowledge and expertise to drive the company’s global OEM efforts across consumer electronics and automotive segments – including innovative T1 navigation integration showcased at both the CES and CeBIT trade shows.

Jens decided to apply his deep industry knowledge, contacts and technical expertise in a new entrepreneurial venture and founded BEYONAV where he has carried forward his innovative vision across numerous automotive and enterprise projects and partnerships. He is consistently recognized for driving efficiency, performance and quality to customers with a fresh approach to digital map technologies.

Jens is fluent in German, English and Japanese and holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Stuttgart in Germany.

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