Beyonav will be attending NavInfo User Group Meeting in Beijing, China on September 24th, 2014.

Coming soon:
Beyomap eHorizon Engineering Platform: Windows application providing map vendor agnostic ADASISv2 eHorizon messages

Over CAN via ValueCan3 adapter Through a TCP socket locally or LAN

Coming soon:
Beyomap eHorizon Batch Simulator: high performance parallel eHorizon for large amounts of track data and configurations allowing automated regression tests and validation

Beyonav updates OpenStreetMap Road coverage statistics for 2011.

Beyonav publishes OpenStreetMap Road coverage statistics.

Introducing the Speed Limit Monitor. Learn more.

Innovation Beyond Navigation

BEYONAV helps automotive, wireless and enterprise customers meet their business objectives and deliver innovative solutions that go beyond traditional applications of navigation technology. We transform location-based data into new, useful applications that can help guide your business and your customers. With an unmatched breadth of expertise, knowledge and creativity our firm is the right partner to optimize your navigation technology and strategies. BEYONAV can help drive performance while ensuring that the final solution is flexible and scalable. In short, our firm offers the right guidance and support to help your company bring the next generation of location-based solutions to fruition.

BEYONAV provides the focus your organization needs on location-based technology and data. We offer an unmatched depth of industry knowledge and know-how, and our abilities range from optimizing solutions in-hand today to designing long-term technology roadmaps. We can complement your current capabilities to drive innovation with an eye on productivity, performance and profitability. Our value to your organization can be summed up with the following:

Expertise: Delivering the right guidance and experience in location-based technologies to focus on optimizing your navigation solutions. Creativity: Driving innovation with the ability to bring your ideas to market in new, innovative ways that satisfy your business objectives. Efficiency: Developing solutions in the most cost-effective and scalable manner with an eye on profitability. Reliability: Ensuring that the technology of today stands the test of time and is designed correctly from the beginning.